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People feel the world changing. Hurricanes, drought catastrophes, or century-high water are now clear signals of climate change. More and more people want to deal more sparingly with our resources. They want to live healthier and demand more transparency in all areas of life.

The trend towards renewable energies is unstoppable. But it is tying up a lot of money because we are now paying for the plants that supply us with energy for the next 25 years. Alternative energy technology is already well developed. In the future, however, we need concepts that are even more efficient with energy and ultimately even more cost-effective for the end user. Finally, we create the energy demand only by making the technology as widely available as possible.

Our mission is system optimization and efficiency enhancement are important objectives around the Alternative energy technology to be more competitive. In addition, we need new approaches to installation on site. The small scale and decentralized distribution is associated with high planning and assembly costs.

AWASOL is developing new energy-saving systems precisely for this, which offer reduction potentials at as many cost centers as possible.

„Whoever has visions should go to the doctor.“

(Quote from Helmut Schmidt, former german Chancellor)

… or if he does not go to the doctor, one could change the world - We went with the latter.

Our Vision