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simple srew connections

for the water supply

(no soldering needed)

compact hot water storage:

fits in any corner

good insulation and

avoidance of thermal

bridges: minimal losses


anodic corrosion protection

with anode tester

also available with

heat exchanger to

combine with a gas

or oil boiler

SELACAL controller with

highly efficient MPP tracking

and overheat protection

easy installation of the

PV-power line

high-efficiency solar panels with

anti-reflective coating for high performance

even in low light operation

SELACAL Solar System

Hot water is available at all times even in

times of reduced sunshine e.g. in the winter

with the auxiliary electric heater.

As an option, it can be combined with e.g.

a gas boiler.   

PV-modules lead the solar electricity to the

SELACAL hot water tank and heats it up.

The SELCAL Control unit is our smart energy

controller and ensures optimum solar energy

transfer and savings.

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